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Monday, March 8, 2010

100% Responsible by Pegine Echevarria

There is a lot of talk these days about responsibility.
Finger pointing at others for the conditions that we are
experiencing. The truth is that we, you and I, have to take
one hundred percent responsibility for the condition that we
are in. I'm talking about what is happening in your world,
mind, home, job, family and finances.

You are 100% responsible for what you have. You made certain
choices along the way that resulted in what you are
experiencing right now. The condition you are in physically,
intellectually, fiscally, emotionally, spiritually is 100%
your responsibility.

Jack Canfield in his book "The Success Principle" shares the

"You are responsible for everything that does or doesn't
happen to you."

He goes on to share specific questions we need to ask
ourselves to understand our part in every situation, emotion
or outcome we experience. He shares:

* How did I create that?
* What was I thinking?
* What were my beliefs?
* What did I say or not say?
* What did I do or not do to create the result?
* How did I get the other person to act that way?
* What do I need to do differently next time to get the
results I want?

Facing the truth is really hard. I know. It is so much
easier to:

* Blame the economy for our personal financial condition
* Say that weight we put on was because the food was so good
* Say the heart condition is a result of our incredible stress
* Blame another person.

Stuff does happen. Accidents happen and tragedies occur,
however, how you deal with them and how you react to them
determines the outcome you experience in life. That is your

You can keep on experiencing the same or similar thing over
and over, until one day you realize that you can change,
really change, how you think about the experience and the
outcome your receive.

Once you take responsibility for your actions then you are
set free to find solutions. Often those solutions appear as
different ways of behaving, different perceptions of the
same situation and different desires that lead you to a new
life, usually a better life.

Of course this takes courage. It takes courage to say what
needs to be said or take an action that would put you out of
your comfort zone. It is when you do that that magic happens.

I have an artist friend. She is incredibly talented. She
makes the most amazing pieces of art. Her ability to see the
magnificence in a simple leaf, or see the brilliant beauty
of sunlight hitting a tree stump and transforming those
images into a photograph is extraordinary. Her work is amazing.

However she thinks it is ordinary, no big thing. She can
never imagine that her pictures move to people to an
emotional high. Or that people remember the pictures and use
those images to feel good about life. Only a few people ever
get to experience their beauty because she doesn't see her
talent as a gift.

If she did see her talent as a gift and took 100 %
responsibility for sharing her talent with the world what
would she do differently?

* She would share her pictures
* She would be willing to face tough times because her
pictures 'had' to be shared
* She would endure cocktail parties at art functions where
her work was displayed
* She would take pictures, lots of pictures and have them copied
* She would her pictures up everywhere so people would see them

No one can do that for her -- because she has to take 100%
responsibility for her gifts.

How about you? Are you taking 100% responsibility for your
gifts and talents? Are asking yourself the questions that
Jack Canfield posed about your life?

Only you can take responsibility. You can point fingers,
blame others or avoid taking action. The consequences are
the result of those actions.

The ultimate question is -- are you happy, joyous, thrilled
with your life? Are you doing everything you can to be who
you want to be? Take 100% responsibility and live well.

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